Hello World,

Today I will show you how to protect your S3 bucket from direct public access and how to reduce latency using CloudFront.

Step 1. Create an Amazon S3 bucket

From the AWS Management Console click on “Services” search for “S3” and click on “S3”

While in “S3” Click on “Create bucket”.

Enter the name of…

Hello World,

Before we start, I will like to explain what the AWS Security Hub is. The AWS Security Hub gives you an understanding of your high-priority security alerts and security posture across your AWS accounts. The main benefit of AWS Security Hub is that it eliminates that complexity and reduces the effort of managing and improving the security of your AWS accounts and workloads.

Access AWS Security Hub through the AWS Management Console. Then search for Security Hub. Once it shows up, click on Security Hub to go to Security Hub.

Click on “Go to Security Hub”.

Tim Okito

DevOps Engineer | UMBC Alum

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